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Passionate about everything I do.
Professions: Cinematographer, Independant Filmmaker, Producer, Communications Consultant, Photographer, Musician, Instructor, Freelance Broadcaster and Technician. Overview:  I began a career in television broadcast in 1988 where I was trained as Interviewer, Floor Manager and Studio Technician (cameras, lighting, switchers, audio).  Six months on I became Producer of a 30 minute weekly newsmagazine, later to become Director of English Language Programming at TVL-9.  During this time I began to freelance in industrial video and the film industry. For 3 years, while running a weekly half-hour news-magazine broadcast with a staff of twelve, carried out contracts as an industrial graphic artist and travelled to Toronto to gain formal training in computer platforms at APPLE and IBM-Microsoft Canada.  Later I was employed for a time in the Semicondictor industry running an office supplying support to ASIC engineers. All the while I continued to work in television and freelance camera operations. Eventually I gained extensive experience in post-production for film and broadcast and have moved into film production proper as Principle Camera Operator and Lighting Designer/Technician freelancer. Currently, in additoin to my entertainment related contracts, I work as Cinematographer and am directing a number of film projects in the areas of documentary, historical recreation, education, drama, and sciences. High Voltage Media is my official platform for the work that I do and the services I provide.  I’m driven by my passion for life and challenges, and finding the best for my projects and those of my clients. In 2015 I completed my first completely independent documentary film - Flight of Le Scarabée - and am currently in production on my next film scheduled for completion in Spring of 2017.
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